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703 Tarboro Road
Youngsville, NC 27596
(919) 556-1771
Come have Fun on the Farm!

Welcome to the KIDS' ZONE at Hill Ridge Farms!

  Daily 10am-5pm

Download the Hill Ridge Farms Screen Saver!

Spend a day in the country without leaving your computer! The sun moves slowly across the sky to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw," while the Hill Ridge Farms Express and a Hay Ride wagon cross the green fields of the Farm. A car and a school bus drive along the road, and even a little stray goat ambles along. (You can turn the music on or off if you wish.)

Click to download!
Click here to download the free screen saver!

Parents: this screen saver runs on any Windows computer. Just click the picture above, choose "save file," and when your download is finished, double-click the file you have saved to tell Windows to install it - that's it, you're done! (If you want to turn off the music, right click your desktop, choose "properties" and select the Screen Saver tab. There will be a "Settings" box there where you can turn the music on or off!)

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